TEAM HEAT-YUMA, AZ - T.E.A.M.- Together Each Achieves or Accomplishes More
About Us
To The Heat Family and Organization and future players:
I want to first thank you for giving your child the opportunity to play or tryout for “The Heat Youth Basketball Program. 
To those who are new to AAU Basketball: 
What is AAU Basketball and the objective of the “The Heat?
 AAU stands for Amateur Athletic Union and was found in 1888. 
The Philosophy
“Sports for All, Forever”
Mission Statement
To offer amateur sports programs through a volunteer base for all people to have the physical, mental, and moral development of amateur athletes and to promote good sportsmanship and good citizenship.
Vision Statement
To offer amateur athletes and volunteers opportunities to develop to their highest level through a national and local network of sporting events.  Through participation in AAU, we achieve our dreams as athletes and as valued citizens of our communities.
What does this mean for The Heat Organization and your child?
It means that your child will be exposed to contacts that will bring opportunities allowing your child to improve his/her skills and also to increase their chances of college scholarships and college exposure bringing recruitment.  The objective for the Heat organization is to improve the basketball support and competitive spirit so that Yuma, AZ may be able to produce College bound student athletes which may increase the opportunities for local youth to be able to be successful not only in basketball but also in education.  These players are not only encouraged on the court but especially in the classroom and with that being said, each player has to maintain a “C” grade point average in order to play for the Heat.  Basketball is a privilege and as players they have to earn there way to compete at this level.  With all this said we are hoping with the responsibility of the players, coaches, and parents we can make this upcoming year a progressive opportunity for our local youth.
We operate off of sponsorships and the hard work of parents and players. We provide one on one sessions with our players so they can improve their talents which in turns helps our team improve.