TEAM HEAT-YUMA, AZ - T.E.A.M.- Together Each Achieves or Accomplishes More
Team Heat success off the court is paralleled by its success on the court. Many of our teams are well-recognized by their competitiveness in area leagues and tournaments. Our organization credits its court success because of its unique coaching methods. We combine the knowledge from different experienced coaches to assist each child in his or her early athletic development.  Our coaches are continuously developing ways to further enhance our player’s abilities.  We’ve also established ongoing training to further enhance the knowledge of our coaches. This process has assured that the coaches have the ongoing tools needed to teach each of our players the fundamentals of basketball. Players and parents will often see a number of coaches at some of their practices who would assist the head coach by teaching the kids their specialty such as shooting or defense.

Please note that we are an organization that is serious about basketball and will be committed as such.  We understand that there will be different levels of commitment from each child.  However, we will expect some commitment from each player in becoming better at basketball.  We don’t expect your child to choose between basketball and other sports; especially at a young age.  However, teams are divided based on talent and/or commitment.  This means that if a child really wants to be a basketball player, this is the organization for him or her.  On the other hand, if he or she just likes to play and hasn’t decided on a primary sport, that’s okay too.  We would love to have them.
Coach Ricky Barnes:
Club Founder & President
Coach Barnes have been involved with youth for over 18 years. He develops, train, and motivate youth athletes to be the best they can be. He has won numerous championships as a player and a coach. Since the existence of Team Heat, Coach Barnes has led the organization to 3 National Championships, 5 State Championships and has had 5 State Runner-Ups. He believes that every kid can bring something to help the program. 
He doesn't believe in the "get em next time" approach. He believes in "Winning Right Now"
Coach Mike Montiel:
Coach Mike Montiel has been involved with youth sports for over 7 years coaching basketball and football. He helps to develop, train, and motivate youth athletes of all ages to their full potential. He believes that every kid has potential to grow in anything they do as long as they are willing to work hard for it and put forth their best effort. 
Coach Scott Sheppeard